Artist's Statement

The Earth revolves and rotates through space, and so our position on the Earth and in the Universe changes.  In embracing these variations, we move towards transformation.  Nature moves between chaos and order working towards balance.  Within these shifts, there are periods of meditation, peace and renewal.  Journeying through these transformations is not without purpose.  There is some permanence provided by shape, form and a spiritual consciousness.  Grids, mathematical ratios, and geometric shapes create paths that provide some stability while striving for unity, peace, and acceptance. 

In moving forward, sometimes objects are lost, leaving only shadows or outlines of their forms.   I use these remnants in the creation of my pieces.  Partial images, marks pulled through the back of the paper, rubbings, and negative spaces appear and disappear.  Lines and shapes are created by placing objects on the paper and then removing them.  Even though something is lost or no longer with us, it leaves reminders that coalesce on the page and create balance.

Yoga Series 2007-2019

This series is based on the poses, symbols and philosophies of yoga.  The organic lines of the body move across the page, including the negative spaces created by an encircled arm or grasped foot.  OM and other words are used to weave patterns across the page.   Grids and geometric figures anchor the organic shapes.  Moving from random placement to order, the viewer is invited to pause along this journey for contemplation.